Migration from Lenovo M490

Yep I just made a migration from Lenovo M490 to HP Probook 6460b. They r my old laptops, both of which r outdated today and useful enough for most of my work.

U might wonder why I choose HP 6460b over Lenovo M490, whose hardware is much newer than that of the former one:

  1. An HP 6460b has an incredibly comfortable keyboard for me to use, campared to Lenovo M490, which is a delight to me.

  2. I care about battery life much, and an HP 6460b is capable of 200 Wh battery at most with the combination of HP BB09 and HP CC09 while a Lenovo M490 is capable of 67 Wh at most. Yep a Lenovo M490 is not able to run on dual battery like an HP 6460b. And the difference between i5-3230M and i5-2520M is not that much, determining that an HP 6460b could run much longer on battery at most.

  3. An HP 6460b has a better screen, showing the same colour much more clearly.

BTW, I ordered an HP BB09, an HP CC09 and a SAMSUNG 8GB RAM (DDR3L 1600MHz) for it.

And now I'm typing on the laptop suiting my needs running the Arch Linux on a SATA3 SSD.

I have to say, Arch Linux is so amazing.

The distribution has a self-contained wiki maintained by countless people, with AUR and official package source meeting most needs. I started to love it when I first asked a question in its forum, filled with lots of people willing to help u out. The question was answered and solved quickly.

My installation and configuration of the distribution was kind of easy. Most of my questions could find their way out in the wiki. So I'll state something u may need to notice.

Be sure to make the partition bootable

Alternatively, u could use cfdisk to partition the disks instead of fdisk, making it much easier. Then make a partition bootable. If u seperately create one for /boot, u should make the partition for /boot bootable. Otherwise, make the partition for / bootable.

Make use of Laptop Mode Tools

Yep, Laptop Mode Tools could save much power.

Here's the part I changed in my /etc/laptop-mode/conf.d/cpufreq.conf:


Yep I added intel_pstate=disable to my kernel line. Thus the CPU frequency could be controlled. I have added the method to the wiki.

(Someone may wonder how to add this thing to his kernel line. Refer to this)

2017-07-19: I just leaped back to intel_pstate, which is more power-hungry, but meanwhile, much more productive (I noticed that while watching a 4K Video). So if u care more about productivity, go with the default intel_pstate.

Now Arch Linux is running smoothly on my HP 6460b. I'm still using openbox and I recommend NetworkManager over Wicd for Network. I wonder how long the laptop could help me produce.

2017-07-19: BTW, I just made a contribution to the Wiki! If u use openbox and want to try a different cursor theme, try the method!