Migrated to KeyCDN

This is a tough decision for me as the site is much more customizable on a VPS (for example, the ssl score could be higher). However I have got to ditch that for more after coming this long way.

Recently I've searched for a free rapid place to host my static site and ended up with Github and Gitlab. Needless to say, it ended up in a draw: they r not good enough for me to switch to.

GitHub is fast without the use of SSL on the custom domain while Gitlab provides u the freedom to use ur SSL on ur domain with the configuration too hard.

Wandering between sites, I was reminded by some post mentioning KeyCDN of the remaining option as I've purchased 30 credits there, which equals infinity when it comes to Pull Zone.

Then I made some test and found out that unsurprisingly Push Zone works faster than Pull Zone, the speed of which was the reason I ditched KeyCDN. So I started migration, meaning I have to pay $0.47/GB/month for the storage. (Really affordable campared to other CDN...... KeyCDN is also amazing for supporting automatic Let's Encrypt, which meets my need)

The DNS was originally hosted by Linode 'cause I was using that to host my site and I was reluctant to notice that they don't support CNAME of a root domain, making me have to change the DNS to that of CloudFlare (Fine 'cause it's the fastest CDN in the world).

The process was as slow as usual, taking me 4 hours to wait anxiously before I had to obey the speed and pretend to have nothing to care about for about 20 hours. The luckiest thing is that they r always there for me.

Hello KeyCDN, I'm back! Click on ME if u wanna try KeyCDN.

Now the only thing about my VPS here is the comments powered by isso, which is always much better than Disqus.

Someday I'm gonna switch from Linode to GCE as the decision on VPS.