Hello Namecheap SSL

U should see this source if u r using or ready to use Let's Encrypt and really care about the security of the Cert u r gonna use on ur site. (The things r not correct, just stated them at the end of this diary.)

So I followed the link Graham Penrose provided (Click on me to access), only to find a lotta secure cert providers, which r expensive for people like me whose site is not big enough.

Then I found among them Namecheap, and it seems their PositiveSSL and RapidSSL r both cost-effective, costing $9.00/yr and $10.95/yr respectively.

So I twitted about it to ask if it's reliable and then Namecheap replied to me with thanks for recommanding them and told me I could ask their support with the link provided (Click on me to access).

Then I asked their support if I could customize the PositiveSSL/RapidSSL to use that on a subdomain as the price $29.88/yr(for 3 domains) might be too high and later received the reply telling me I could buy two Posative/Rapid to save the money. I guess that's not a must.

So I removed the domain blog.snorl.ax and made some changes. (Thank eevee for the source code of the pelicanconf.py saving me a lotta time to search for the way to change the URL structure)

Now it's spilt in two things, DIY and Life. Really simple, now it's belonging to subfolders. With some changes to the page templete, the whole site is now Pelican-generated! So glad to have jumped to this great tool, making the site highly secure and customizable!

Then, of course, I purchased a PositiveSSL and followed their instruction to generate the cert. Now I'm using it. Nothing is really free, as well as the security! It took me some time to edit thread URL in isso but it's really worthwhile! (That's not the end, read on to see the reason why it's not worthwhile)

Statement: After talking with eevee, I did a research about the SSL I purchased (Comodo, yep, it's mostly about Comodo when it comes to cheap SSL, whether the SSL is bought from Comodo directly or not). It turns out that they have also issued some fraudulent certificates (Source) Thus, I'll have to eat my words and declare the things --

If u r running a large business site and really want a convincing SSL about security, don't hesitate to spend the money on sites like networksolutions(That's actually among the best choices).

Otherwise, don't waste ur money on something like Domain Validation (DV), as Let's Encrypt have been providing that for free. People like us, who r just using a SSL for our Personal Blog or something else small, could better go with the automated Let's Encrypt.

By the way, Namecheap offers really excellent support and I just got my money back and returned to Let's Encrypt.