RIP Startssl

So the startssl CA has already been superseded on my site by Let's Encrypt, the most popular free SSL provider.

Their Tutorial: Click ME to see.

That doesn't suffice for such a novice like me. Google is a must when it comes to Automating renewal.

That's what I did about it using cron:

  1. Enter this:

    sudo crontab -e
  2. Select the easiest way and add this (It will auto renew the cert at 13:42 PM every day, cause I signed it at 13:42 PM) :

    42 13 * * * certbot renew --quiet && service nginx restart
  3. Exit, save.

  4. This tutorial is really helpful for Nginx users like me.
  5. I personally recommand this blog, just solved a problem related to Content-Security-Policy with his help!


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