How to edit the old thread URL of isso in terminal using sqlite3?

Thank pozitron7 again for the timely help! (Source)

  1. Copy the db to the root and edit (If ur db is not in that path /var/lib/isso/, replace it with ur own, the same below)

    cp /var/lib/isso/comments.db ~/
    cp /var/lib/isso/comments.db ~/original_comments.db
  2. Attach it as isso as usual and searching for URI......

    sqlite> ATTACH 'comments.db' AS isso;
    sqlite> SELECT id,uri FROM isso.threads;
  3. Update using the command like below, replace 51 and /new/uri/ with the thread ID and thread url (relative) in ur case.

    sqlite> UPDATE isso.threads SET uri='/new/uri/' WHERE id=51;