How to delete one of the imported comments in Isso?

Thank pozitron7 for the timely help!(Source)

He provided me three ways.

I preferred the third way, 'cause I don't need to reinstall Isso or reuse the old blog to delete the ones I want to delete.

Here's the way:

  1. Edit directly the database file, which is by default /var/lib/isso/comments.db(If ur file is not in that path, replace it with ur own, the same below).
    Copy this file (create 2 copies in case you'll mess something up and won't notice it immediately) and edit it using Sqlite3:

    cp /var/lib/isso/comments.db ~/
    cp /var/lib/isso/comments.db ~/original_comments.db
  2. Have an sqlite> prompt then.
    Use sqlite3 syntax to find and delete comment, e.g.:

    sqlite> ATTACH 'comments.db' as isso;
    sqlite> SELECT id,author,text from isso.comments;
  3. Imagine that id of some comment you want to delete is 852. To delete it you should do:

    sqlite> DELETE FROM isso.comments WHERE id=852;

This solved my problem, not perfectly, when the ID of all the comments stayed the same, which meant the deleted comments still occupied their original ID.
So I asked if there was a way to solve this. Then he offered the remedy which tackled my barrier again:

To change id of a comment from 892 to 890 in Sqlite3 you can do:

sqlite> ATTACH 'comments.db' as isso;
sqlite> UPDATE isso.comments SET id='890' WHERE id=892;

Wow! Amazing!