Clear Icon Cache On a Nintendo 3DS

When browsering through GBATemp threads, I found the thing that works for me! Thank Ridge for sharin' it (Original post)
The thing really works for those who wanna all their icons on the Home Menu updated to its actual state (For example,I wanna see the actual icon of Health&Safety after injecting CIA into,then the guide is of my service):
You gotta clear your icon cache.
You have to delete CacheD.dat located at SD:\Nintendo 3DS[ID1][ID2]\extdata\00000000\0000008f\00000000\00000005
Note, I'm assuming your console is North American. If not see the list below:

  1. If EUR, the 0000008f folder is 00000098
  2. If JPN, the 0000008f folder is 00000082

After all,in any of those folders, you wanna delete the file 00000005.
Please also note that this'll remove your current theme, but won't actually delete any themes (including the removed theme).
It won't wipe shuffle theme preference either, you can go right back and set it to what it was, if anything.