Refresh The Browser

Uh, it's half a year or so since I last updated the Browser. I've done many things actually, regardless of essentiality. Here are some of them:

  1. Watched "The Meg", "Mission: Impossible – Fallout", "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse". All of them are fierce. The third is the warmest among them. The most scary one is the first, where the meg is definitely a nightmire. About the second, I have got to say, Tom Cruise is so capable of jumping.......
  2. Uploaded some recordings about games Pokemon Red Rescue Team1 and Pokemon Magikarp Jump2 to Youtube. I just uploaded three and they can be seen from my Twitter. I have to do some uploads 'cause my home partition is low on space.
    My home partition is low on space.
  3. Made a pull request to isso. The pull request3 is about customize the mail it sends to users and the admin address. With the branch, the language of the default template and the "Anonymous" can be set. Also, the mail format can be changed to multipart, with both plain and html part. The reviser has somewhat not replied for a while. You are welcome to try it and provide the templates (html and plain) of the language that has not been provided. Any fixes or feedbacks are also welcome.
  4. Migrated the site from Github pages to Firebase4. They are both using Fstly while the latter allows many other things like 301 redirect, cache settings. Meanwhile I have also learned more about how to use markdown. Most of the time they just get the job easily done. Maybe I'll make use of the Firebase Function once I've learned YDKJS once?
  5. Revived my suspended Twitter account. And now I take notes more frequently on it.
  6. Started to run email services on my server5.

In the future, my plan:

  1. My Shuffle plan6789, might change. I might upload some about Pokemon Shuffle in the future. As a newbie who started farming several weeks ago when Winking Turtwig was around, I'm now shuffling everyday.
  2. Learn JS and do something on Firebase.......
  3. Meanwhile, keep the site updated.