Mania in Shanghai
  1. Pheonix

Passionate start!😋

  1. Irresistable
  1. Sugar, we're goin' down
  1. Immortals
  1. Young Volcanos
  1. Ameican Beauty / American Psycho
  1. The kids ain't alright
  1. Centuries
  1. The Last Of The Real Ones
  1. Young And Menace

This time he gave up on trying that electro part!😆 Well done!

  1. Dance, dance
  1. Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)

One of my favourites in the mania album! I'll stop wearing black when they make darker color~

  1. Jet Pack Blue
  1. This Ain't The Scene
  1. Hold Me Tight Or Don't

One of my favourites in the mania album! Hold me tight!😃

  1. Where Is Your Boy

Nice try before singing🤣Oldie but still goodie!

  1. Thnks fr th mmrs

Thnks fr th mmrs!🤗

  1. Champion

They took a break for a while after this song.

  1. Uma Thurman
  1. Light 'Em Up

The camera dimmed their torchlights. It was much brighter on the scene!🤠

  1. Saturday

The show is really impressive with Patrick's powerful voice and the music part of Andy, Pete and Joe's.
The hit album AB/AP is not my piece of cake. But it's not bad to hear the track Uma Thurman from it.
It ended with Saturday. It's really a pity that they didn't play What A Catch, Donnie or any other songs from Folie à Deux. That is a really awesome and underrated album, in a way, better than their reunion hit album Save Rock And Roll.