Start to enjoy music

Not to stuff the place with useless things.
I think the category Enjoy is too empty!

It's not due to lack of joy in my life, but too many new things to try for me.
I'm now enjoying my life by trying some things, such as trying Arch Linux on a Virtualbox, wandering around laptops (though there's no need to obtain another one).
In the near future, I'll make a switch from Debian to Arch Linux when there's a wired network for me. And I'll make a post in the category Try about the process.
Arch Linux could be as much lightweight as u want!

Back to the topic, music.

Lately Katy Perry has released two singles, "Chained to the Rhythm" and "Bon Appétit", for her upcoming fifth album, "Witness".
Speaking of the singer, who is famous for her well sold singles and albums, I actually didn't pay much attention to her just 'cause of her being that famous, until I heard her debut album, "One of the boys".

Katy Perry - One of the boys

1. One of the Boys

Here comes a cute girl who wants to be one of ur girls!
Katy is cute and desperate for a true love despite being that strong.
The flower is the desire from a woman waiting to be loved. Would u?

2. I Kissed A Girl

She fell in love with a dead machine? Stupid story of a cute girl! Just toss it!

6. Ur So Gay

She must know gays pretty well. :D

7. Hot n Cold

A loving me could also buy me. ^0^

9. Lost

The song is talking about her striving in a new city, lost among fair-weather friends and many things.
"Know the way and still so lost".
It might be talking about the story of us. We, as a young individual, are living on our own in such a situation.
Kinda love the song and in sync with it.

10. Self Inflicted

A "stick to loving u though being hurt" song~ Amazing background music~

11. I'm Still Breathing

Breathing....... And listen to the songs below....... Songs say louder than words.

12. Fingerprints

13. I Think I'm Ready

14. A Cup of Coffee

15. Electric Feel

16. Black and Gold

Generally it's a wonderful album. All of the songs r written by Katy Perry. Cute songs!
BTW, I do not hook up and Long shot from Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted r written by Katy Perry too.

However, I don't like her new "fun and dance-y and dark and light" style. But I'll keep watching. She made a brilliant debut.

It's relaxing to listen to this radio station with nothing to worry.

After these, here comes an experimental song, Lost River:
It's nice to listen to this when u r down...... If u like, watch this: