Linda Perry - In Flight

Listened to Linda Perry's In Flight, it's a really gorgeous and peaceful album!

In My Dream

Sad accompaniment with a strong voice hit my head. Really impressive start!

Favourite Lyrics: I want everything / Everything I want / There's no room to turn me upside down


Peaceful music is followed by exciting music. Then in the end it comes back to peace. Yep take me down the freeway!

Favourite Lyrics: To be free, of everything / Of everything, yeah


Start to believe Jesus after hearing. The song is full of happiness and peace.

Favourite Lyrics: R u ready? Ready for it all!


Enormous start. Grave song. Yep, "Is it what I need""

Favourite Lyrics: Will success fail me? / Will it make me free? / What they tell me I should want? / Is it what I need?

Life in a bottle

Starting with waves makes me groovy.

Favourite Lyrics: So there's nothing let for me to say / No there's nothing let for me to say

Fill me Up

Fill me up let's take a ride! No more answering

Favourite Lyrics: Fill me up lets take a ride

Knock me out

Grave again.

Favourite Lyrics: You knocked me out / I can never be the same

Too Deep


Favourite Lyrics: I'm just a dreamer / I can't wake from sleep / I am midflyer / But I'm getting too deep


I'm taken too

Favourite Lyrics: And by my sweet thighs / I'm still taken

Fruitloop Daydream

This song bring me back to life again!

Favourite Lyrics: Waking up in the dark / Knowing I'm not alone, it's all so familiar

Machine Man

Machine man machine song.

Favourite Lyrics: No lyrics preferred

In Flight

The start took me in a free flight. Then it made me groovy as the song went on.

Favourite Lyrics: (all the other birds) x4